Jobs and the Economy


From clothing in Bremen to carpets in Dalton, for decades Georgia’s 14th district has been a manufacturing hub of the country. Now, it’s time for us to step up and meet the new demand for clean energy and green infrastructure. We can create high paying, high skilled jobs for Georgians by bringing the manufacturing at the backbone of new, innovative technologies, into our backyard. It’s time to revitalize GA-14’s manufacturing so we can be globally competitive while thriving in the district.

Supporting Small Businesses

Our district must be a place where existing small businesses can thrive, and new small businesses want to be. There are lots of barriers for small businesses trying to get off the ground. As someone with a background in compliance, I know the importance of rules and regulations, but sometimes all of the red tape can add unnecessary burdens to up and coming entrepreneurs. Additionally, small businesses are still hurting from the pandemic. We must make sure resources are available and accessible to help these businesses stay afloat.

The Care Economy

With 15% of GA-14 above retirement age, we must make sure we are able to care for all of our citizens. This means investing in job creation and training in the care economy. Caregivers are underpaid and undervalued, and caring for aging family members often puts a huge financial and emotional strain on families. We must take care of the oldest members of our society, and we must value and invest in the men and women caring for them. This means families will be able to afford high quality care for their loved ones, and Georgians looking to work in the care economy will be able to access the training and benefits they deserve.

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