Transparency and Anti-Corruption

I have fought for our freedoms abroad and will not stand by while corruption takes over in Washington. Disinformation, and dark money have no place in our Democracy. We the people should be the ones making decisions, not corporate PACs and the super-wealthy few. Currently, individual donors make up only 20% of campaign donations, with the other 80% coming from super PACS. Elected officials should be accountable to the everyday American, not only to corporate interests and the rich. This is why I will not accept corporate PAC donations. Additionally, I support the For the People act, and its provisions to keep dark money and foreign interests from influencing our elections. Constituents should feel confident that their representatives are serving them, not special interests. While working in government compliance, I spent a large portion of my career combating fraud, waste, and abuse. I’ll work just as hard in congress to make sure your hard earned tax dollars are working for you.

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