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Meet Marcus

Army veteran. Patriot. Democrat.

Marcus Flowers is the Democrat running to be a fighter for GA-13 in D.C.. Flowers has spent his entire career defending the United States. First – he served as an active duty member of the US Army, followed by more than 20 years as a contractor or official for the State Department and Department of Defense.

Marcus spent a decade in combat zones around the world and has served our country on four continents. He has seen first-hand the damage done by extremism and disinformation, and he WILL NOT let MAGA Republicans take us down the same path here in America. Their conspiracy theories may have made them famous, but they haven’t done a thing to help the people in this district.

Marcus’ core values carried him through 30 years of service to this country: loyalty, duty, honor, respect, service, integrity, unity, courage, and fierce love of America and its Constitution. Marcus swore an oath at 18 years old to “Protect and Defend” that document, and he lives by that oath daily.

Marcus believes in bi-partisanship and bridge-building and does NOT believe in vilifying political opponents. He is pro-choice because women deserve just as much freedom over their bodies as he does. As a Congressman, he will work to codify Roe and believes Congress has a Constitutional duty to be a check on the Supreme Court. He cares deeply about a woman’s right to choose, the economy, voting rights, healthcare, the environment, social justice, education reform, immigration reform, veterans’ issues, supporting our military, and dozens of other issues on which Americans fundamentally agree.

Marcus is encouraged and inspired by the willingness of this District to stand up and meet the moment. With a Representative in D.C. who’s driven to stand and meet the same challenges you stand for, we cannot lose.

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